Acer has made a move.

News this morning that Acer does not intend to launch a touch enabled business ultrabook until mid 2013! Statement this morning from Acer President Jim Wong.

Speaking in Berlin on Saturday he announced the company will hold off any product launch in line with Windows 8 launch in October until 2013.

Wong said that “The consumer market is moving faster than the commercial market”

News is that Acer angle is to focus on “cloud based” to give an edge against rivals such as Samsung and Sony.

‘AcerCloud’ will allow users to upload as much data as they want but the clause is it only stays for 30 days.


Windows 8 Pre-Order

Get your Windows 8 pre ordered! is offering a pre-order price for £49.99

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Microsoft has planned a launch for Windows 8 on October 26th. They hope the new OS will see a massive overhaul of the old desktop style being replaced by a touchscreen friendly alternative.

Of course we all anticipate small bugs/errors along the way!

Numerous manufactures are set to show of new phones/laptops/PC’s and tablets as new products working alongside Windows 8. As the markets competitiveness is so high you may be able to pick up a few cracking deals in the closing weeks.

Lenovo are set to release two IdeaPad Windows 8 tablets

..and they look pretty good.

So what are these two products?

  1. Windows 8 Pro 
  2. Windows RT

Both will be branded tablets running Windows 8. Not to mention the pretty sweet Intel Core i5 chip with Windows 8 pro and a fancy keyboard that folds up being the device panel, storage away nicely for travel or just day-to-day use.

Rumour mill suggests the device will appear hand in hand with Microsoft’s launch of Windows 8 (convenient) set to cost around £1,199 which we feel is a pretty heavy price tag considering Apples dominance of the tablet world with iPad ranging around £200-£300

Suggestions have been made that Lenovo will actually release something similar running Windows 8 build tailored to ARM Hardware, branded Windows RT mainly on a Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor.

Pulse Me … now!

Hi guys,

Today I wanted to expose you to a fantastic product in my eyes introduced with Windows 8 product and is set to astonish the IE10 users!

It’s a product named ‘pulse’ it’s an online directory to all your news.

But it really is ‘your’ news. Add custom sections which are of interest to you.

Fully customise your screen, number of pages, content the list really is endless.

The ability to browse your news articles is simply amazing and is a must see!

Simplicity, sophistication, brilliance in my eyes!

Visit>>\app and create an account today. It will be the best thing you do this week!

Let me know your thoughts..


Live Essentials 2012

Another product change – but offering up the must in demand cloud storage..

August 7th Microsoft released a new bundle of services that are free to compliment both Windows 7/8.

We understand it is now known as ‘Windows Essentials’ instead of ‘Windows Live Essentials’ both terms I am sure you all would have heard of.

Not only does it add more capabilities as a product but also removes Live Mesh from the Pc’s of those who decided to install it.

Windows Live Essentials included, Mail, Messenger, Movie maker and more products. Most users can see in Windows 7 that these products are still kicking around but do not seem to have undergone any update or much-needed revamp.

Unhappy users, this by no means a surprise. Microsoft is replacing Live Mesh with SkyDrive, its cloud storage service on the PC’s of those who install Windows Essentials 2012.

  1. Download Essentials 2012 today >>
  2. Read More at the official Windows Blog on both topics>>

As Microsoft begin to maintain their cloud based services through Windows 8 and Server 2012. We can see that has been introduced last July and having had a month worth of users the feedback is fantastic.

Today I thought I would introduce those who are not aware of the online web mail now available. Many of us have been using Outlook at work through licensed office editions.

When web mail (Hotmail) was first introduced to the world in 1996, it become a must have necessity and soon millions of global users began to subscribe and have their own personal email address.

Eight years later Google introduced the world to Gmail. Which allowed each user to have for free up to 1GB of storage.  We all know that tiny elements of Gmail and other web mail providers have introduced small improvements but nothing significant.

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A Windows 8 User Experience So Far..

A Windows 8 User Experience by,  John Tichenor

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Presently I am running Win 8 evaluation copy on 2 computers.  One is a 64-Bit (Desktop)loaded to a new HD and the other is 32-Bit (Laptop) loaded as an upgrade over Vista.

At first glance I thought I was looking at a smartphone withal the app buttons.  Looked cool but confused me a bit.  That is the start menu screen which is a cool way to replace the Start Menu button.

I have been using an HTC Smartphone for over a year so I felt I knew how it should all work. Felt if it was on a touch screen monitor that I would be right at home.  Anyway, as I began to use the OS as with most people I didn’t read any documentation I just started.  I got myself lost in my screens and more than a bit frustrated.  I was an early user of Win 7 and loved it.  This is different, very different and I thought I would scrap it and go back.

Then I started to figure out what they did, and I actually paid attention to the app buttons and found it was so much quicker than Win 7to use and move around.  The different task bars on the sides bottom top which are hidden until you hover near them was awesome.  On the app buttons I have my Twitter, Facebook, Videos, Photo’s, all emails sync’d and linked.  It is all a direct launch from the Start Menu screen and no matter what you’re doing or where you are it is easy access with either the mouse or start button on the keyboard.

The search function from the app button page makes the Program Files button obsolete for me.

Bottom line: I know there will be the nay sayers and the Microsoft haters out there that will say anything to trash the OS.  However, I for one would love to be the first one in line to buy this OS.